...to answer the question we know you are asking….no, we do not wear matching overalls all the time. Halloween 2009

...to answer the question we know you are asking….no, we do not wear matching overalls all the time. Halloween 2009

Our Story

We are a small family business based out of the central San Joaquin Valley of California. My dad has been farming for over thirty years (longer if you count hanging out with his grandpa and messing things up on the ranch while growing up). My parents bought the farm they still live on twenty-seven years ago when they were just a young couple with an 11-year-old daughter and one on the way. They grew grapes for one year and then decided to push it out and redevelop, planting apples, peaches, plums and nectarines. They farmed conventionally, sold through packing houses as well as a local farmer's market in Fresno. We experienced triumphs and trials, as it goes with the nature of farming - but if you ask my dad, Meryl Streep brought on the downturn of the apple market in the 1990's, and that hurt. Sooo...after Meryl made her statements about alar, and we also faced other challenges of the farming business, we pulled out our crops in 1998. Six years later, with the help of some family friends, we replanted our farm transitioning to organic, and began selling at farmer's markets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We believe in the farmer's market. We believe in working together and supporting one another, not only as a family but as a community. In this trying economy, business is hard for so many but the interactions and relationships we have developed through our markets are priceless. To be part of the food movement that is happening largely in the Bay Area, but all over the county as well is very exciting and rewarding.

Going between home and market to market we realized that we had access to a wide array of amazing products that the average consumer doesn't necessarily have; not everyone can go to multiple farmer's markets per week, or even one, or maybe you just don't have these kind of things where you live. Whatever it may be, we're getting you the hook-up! At the markets we only sell what we grow, but think of this as us sharing our farmer's market life and friends with you! We hope to offer you some of the delicious, high quality items that we find and enjoy at the markets. If there is something you'd like us to look for, please feel free to contact us to make a request, and we'll see what we can do!

As a good friend of our family said to my dad when they were talking about life as a farmer….."if you're not half crazy, you'll never make it in this world."

So, we hope you think "We're A Little Nuts!"